“The Time I Spend with You” (Jeremy’s Song)

Jeremy has always been an avid consumer and lover of music. When the stroke severely restricted his ability to attend concerts and participate in cultural activities, his parents engaged two outstanding musicians—Ken Hatfield, a jazz guitarist, composer and arranger and Eric Hoffman a jazz singer and trombonist—to play for Jeremy at home. Jeremy, Ken and Eric developed a bond of friendship over their mutual appreciation of music and its ability to heal.

This song was born in March, on the eve of the 2020 pandemic, when Jeremy expressed a deep desire to coauthor a song dedicated to his wife and daughters. He proposed some of the lyrics before he fell ill with Covid-19. Through Jeremy’s illness, hospitalization, miraculous survival and recovery, the musicians and I fine-tuned the lyrics. Ken and Eric wrote and recorded the music.

I hope that the inspiration and love that shine through this song, bring joy to anyone who listens to “The Time I Spend with You.

Listen to the song performed by Ken Hatfield, guitar; Eric Hoffman, vocalist

Erythra Thalassa by Annette Libeskind Berkovits

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