In the Unlikeliest of Places — What Readers Say

“This is probably the best book I have ever read about life during the second world war. A true story, written by a daughter from tapes and memories of stories told, this is a rich tapestry. Nachman is the most likeable and lovely man, with high morals. Reading about all he did to help where he could was humbling, though you never get the sense that he is a do-gooder. His strong personality shines through the entire book, and had me spellbound. When I read of his death at the end of the book, I cried. It was like a great friend had passed away. The author should be very proud – not only did she have a one in a million, wonderful father, but she has a great talent and through her writing she has brought him to life for us. ”
—Laura Smith, UK

“The story is gripping and the reading experience is entirely different from similar biographies, or personal accounts I previously read about the Second World War, the Holocaust, stories of survival, tales of loss and hope. Although unfortunately, I never met Nachman, I feel like I actually have.
—Cilia Ebert, Berlin, Germany

“I just finished reading your book and -WOW!

What a story and what a remarkable man was your father, and how wonderfully you have told that sometimes unbelievable story. CHAPEAU!

I also discovered your mom. She must have been a force of nature.

It is really important for people like me, who believe that life after 70 is almost finished, to read this book. It is like I have received an injection of joy and optimism.”
—Eshter Weintraub, Tel Aviv, Israel

“I am drinking in every detail and researching what Nachman saw so I can go with him as he journeys through his life. I love love love your book. You have kept Nachman alive.”
—Gladys Kalandranis, Virginia

“So far I have read only one chapter but feel compelled to comment. This is a tapestry of a book. It is a historical story about the author’s father and also Europe; this is a historical account about a family from rural roots moving into a city and what that took to survive and then there is the tale of a family in the context of being Jewish in Poland – the politics of Poland at that time; the politics of the industrial revolution; how Judaism was changing in the twenties and thirties; it’s permutation after permutation of cultural and personal depth.

To bring all that to mind in just one chapter is amazing.  This is what divides art from…. I don’t know – all those things that we read, or watch that are forgettable.  Art pulls us in, shakes us up, art is not passive, it makes us dance with it whether we want to, or not.”
—Jim Cooper, New York

“I have been meaning for months to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your book.  Truly an amazing story, very well told and an important contribution to pre- and post-WWII history.  There are now and will no doubt be many more in the future who will be so grateful that you and your father had the foresight to be sure his story was not lost.
—Dan Wharton, New York

“Fantastic! I can’t believe the magnitude of content that you collected and compiled and LIVED! What an extraordinary family! As a reader, I come away feeling very sad, and awed by the courage of the people in these pages, and also inspired by the knowledge that people like Nachman and Dora exist. I’m certainly glad and grateful that I got to know Nachman, his friends and family through your book.
—Debora Black, Montana

“What a terrific book you have written. I was so moved by your father’s history and your amazing relationship with him.

So much of it was so vivid that I know it has made an indelible impression on me. You made everyone come to life as if we had met them. Thank you so much for writing this very important book. I have come to admire deeply Tinek, Dora, the family and their friends.”
—Suzanne Pred Bass, New York

“I am in love with Nachman! Would have been such fun to spend time with him. Enjoyed the book!
—Marty Kopra, Texas